Innovative Strategy and Business Planning

Extraordinary thinking. Executable strategy. Exceptional results.

Today, executives are struggling to attain profitable growth with their businesses, while strategically managing costs and intelligently navigating risk. These challenges require much more than traditional new product development or re-engineered business processes. It requires extraordinary thinking - identifying new possibilities that are often outside the traditional business comfort zone, and making tough choices. It also requires bridging the gap between business vision and tactical execution.

Having a great idea isn’t enough. Executable strategy requires both extraordinary thinking tightly integrated with disciplined execution to achieve exceptional results. Businesses need to know exactly how to make a strategy work in the real world, while mitigating risks. This requires people that know your industry inside and out.

Kaizen Edge Solutions provides deep industry experience, rigorous strategic, business and technical analytical capabilities, and a practical mindset to our clients’ most complex business problems. Our innovative strategy and business planning capabilities span multi-national, corporate and business unit strategy, merger and acquisition strategy and sales and marketing. Our operational capabilities reflect the unique issues facing finance, banking, manufacturing organizations, service businesses, media and telecom, government, and non-profit organizations. These are joined with capabilities in strategic planning, performance management and business process restructuring.

Innovative Strategy Business Planning

Strategic leadership and planning: Kaizen Edge Solutions has an innovative framework that captures creative thinking, conceptual and analytical thought processes, to deliver value for your customers. We help to develop a strategic architecture that provides value from your customer’s point of view. Kaizen Edge Solutions provides strategic planning exercises that helps your business with the following:

  • Identify and define changes needed to be successful
  • Capture your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Provide definitive business opportunities that match your vision and company mission
  • Our unique approach allows companies to:
  • Be proactive and ready for change
  • Quickly understand the current company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Assess, evaluate and capture business opportunities and fit the companies’ vision and mission
  • Identify and determine specific opportunities to avoid
  • Create an environment whether employees effectively collaborate, cooperate and focus on organizational goals
  • Increase efficiency throughout the organization as well as by department to meet the company’s overall objectives
  • Focus on consistent improvement and growth

Competitive analysis: Are you facing changes in your market or your industry? We provide competitive assessment services that can help your product or service be different and unique. We determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within your market and provide strategies that will provide you with a distinct market advantage. Kaizen Edge Solutions provides answers to these pressing questions and more:

  • What does your company need to ensure your business continues to grow and beat the competition
  • Is your business operating in a way that reflects your vision and company mission?
  • Are your business goals in line with the realities of your industry?
  • Does every aspect of your company contribute to reaching your business goals?

Business planning: Many businesses often don't have time to take stock of their current situation, plan and strategize while keeping everything operational. We have deep expertise in helping you jump start a new business, plan a new product launch, or provide insights into expansion. We provide perspectives that can help you create a strategic plan to help grow your business into new or unfamiliar markets. Kaizen Edge Solutions helps you identify your goals and challenges, priorities, and provides you with practical and measurable steps for achieving them. We help you find solutions to the following questions:

  • How do I launch a new product, service or new business effectively, profitability and efficiently?
  • How can I develop my people, processes, and technology to be ready for the new product or service?
  • How do I get my business ready for change?
  • How do I prepare a plan that can minimize risks and proactive resolve issues before they arise?

Strategic implementation: Building a strategy is only the starting point. We help to ensure that your strategy can be implemented through all facets of your business value chain, including your clients, employees and stakeholders. We work with you to deliver products and services that provides engaging user experiences to your customers and employees. We design, develop and build the right message throughout all levels of your organization.

System and vendor selection: How do you know if the system or vendor is the right solution for your business. Kaizen Edge Solutions provides an unbiased approach to system and vendor selection. We have a proven method to ensure proper due diligence is conducted to identify, document, source potential solutions that can provide the right solution for your business. Our approach identifies significant return on investment to your stakeholders. We have 20+ years of experience performing:

  • Request for information
  • Request for quotes
  • Request for proposals

Vendor management: Designing a robust vendor management framework is also key to supporting your on-going maintenance of strong vendor relationships and the development of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Kaizen Edge Solutions has over 15+ years of experience in negotiating or re-negotiating new and existing agreements or statements of work, including preparation of requests for information/proposals, scope documents, communication plans, and contract awards. Kaizen Edge Solutions has lead, coached, and mentored clients, and acted as chair and facilitator of large and small vendor performance evaluation committees. Our robust approach answers the following key activities:

  • What are the key stakeholder needs?
  • How do I ensure the vendor I select provides exceptional service delivery and quality?
  • How do I achieve business senior stakeholder alignment in partnership with the my own company’s purchasing and legal teams.
  • What types of activities do I need to perform to manage my vendors, conduct supplier rationalization, review supplier performance, ensure that the vendor is adhering to the contractual terms and provide issue resolution