What We Do

Extraordinary thinking. Executable strategy. Exceptional results.

    • Today, executives are struggling to attain profitable growth with their businesses, while strategically managing costs and intelligently navigating risk. These challenges require much more than traditional new product development or re-engineered business processes. It requires extraordinary thinking - identifying new possibilities that are often outside the traditional business comfort zone, and making tough choices. It also requires bridging the gap between business vision and tactical execution.
    • Having a great idea isn’t enough. Executable strategy requires both extraordinary thinking tightly integrated with disciplined execution to achieve exceptional results. Businesses need to know exactly how to make a strategy work in the real world, while mitigating risks. This requires people that know your industry inside and out.
    • Kaizen Edge Solutions provides deep industry experience, rigorous strategic, business and technical analytical capabilities, and a practical mindset to our clients’ most complex business problems. Our innovative strategy and business planning capabilities span multi-national, corporate and business unit strategy, merger and acquisition strategy and sales and marketing. Our operational capabilities reflect the unique issues facing finance, banking, manufacturing organizations, service businesses, media and telecom, government, and non-profit organizations. These are joined with capabilities in strategic planning, performance management and business process restructuring.

Innovative Solutions. Measurable Results. Continuous Improvement.

    • At Kaizen Edge Solutions, we provide innovative solutions to help businesses grow, improve the user experience and drive improved business processes. Our proven approach and methodologies deliver measurable results. We work with you to efficiently deliver your information technology and web interactive projects on time and on budget. Our focus is to ensure your projects are delivered to exceed your expectations.
    • Kaizen Edge Solutions is a professional services firm that provides strategic leadership, business analysis, solution architecture, project management, change leadership and continuous improvement. We provide practical solutions to make your projects easier and more cost effective by offering a range of services tailored specifically to meet your requirements and business goals.
    • We provide a robust approach that helps you achieve consistent, repeatable project and business success.

Strategic Insights. Customer Motivation. Effective Brand Promise.

    • Kaizen Edge Solutions specializes in customer insights, marketing research and marketing strategy. We provide practical and actionable insights that allow business and organizations to make informed decisions.
    • We deliver a fully integrated, cohesive, and data-driven online marketing strategies. We offer different thinking, with superior results. Every client and customer has unique needs, and challenges.
    • We assist you to enhance your brand and shape your value proposition. We research the competitive landscape by investigating the market sector and attract high value customers

Comprehensive Requirements. Understandable Architecture. Effective User Experience.

    • Kaizen Edge Solutions provides deep industry expertise in multiple industries including finance, banking, media, manufacturing, telecommunications, insurance, and not for profit organizations. Whether you are growing, or looking for cost efficiencies, having full-time innovative business and information architects is cost prohibitive.
    • We specialize in defining program, project or portfolio scope. We provide facilitation expertise to work with your organization’s subject matter experts and senior leadership to discover, perform analysis, model and document business, functional, user and technical requirements, business rules and specifications. Kaizen Edge Solutions utilizes a proven framework that provides services to plan, design, implement solutions based on your business strategy and objectives.
    • Before embarking on a new application, web or intranet site development project, Kaizen Edge Solutions can partner with you to effectively design the proper information needs that customers and stakeholders are looking for based on your business strategy, strategic goals and requirements. Having a great product or service is not sufficient, unless the content and method of communication is easily understood.

Proven Leadership. Deep Experience. Expected Results.

    • Kaizen Edge Solutions specializes in project and program management. We work with organizations to establish and position business-critical, projects or multi-project programs from project initiation through to successful delivery and execution. Whether your organization needs to deliver business specific changes, enable technology, launch new products, conduct vendor selection and management, or execute web design and development, Kaizen Edge Solutions has the project management experience and leadership that can deliver your projects efficiently and effectively.
    • We provide deep expertise in managing projects and programs from multiple industries including finance, capital markets, banking, media, manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications, insurance, government, and not for profit organizations. Project and program management is our passion. We manage the entire project lifecycle process: from pre-design, business case assessment through project initiation, project delivery and project close.
    • Kaizen Edge Solutions helps organizations design, develop and apply project management and PMO practices to improve business performance. We work with your senior stakeholders and project team subject matter experts to consistently deliver projects on time, on budget and with quality results. Our experience in PMO services have increased workforce productivity, and achieved improvements across the enterprise to align with corporate objectives.

Objective Analysis. Technology Architecture. Trusted Solution.

    • Technology has moved from simply being tools that organizations use to automate manual processes, to efficient solutions that drive overall business success. To be successful in a rapidly evolving environment, the technology architecture must be fully designed so that organizations can ensure that their technology solutions are scalable that can meet present and future customer and user demands.
    • The Kaizen Edge Solutions difference. Our consultants and network of consultants have senior leadership experience in directing and managing organizations on how to design, develop, build and manage simple to complex technology solutions. We can assist in designing and developing a new technology strategy or architecture, or redesigning or implementing an ERP solution, or design, architect, build, test, deploy and operate a web-enabled system.

Innovative web designs. Scalable web development.

    • Kaizen Edge Solutions has a network of partners that specialize in innovative web designs and technologies. Through our partnership, we provide the best of all three worlds: bridging imagination from the creative world with real world business results, while providing effective discipline in the project management world. It’s difficult to know which agencies can fulfill the business strategies and goals that you’ve carefully crafted and articulated to senior management and your customers. We can help remove the guess work by tapping into our pool of consultants that provide a full suite of creative design services, including logos and branding, website design, programming and development.
    • We have deep expertise in design, developing web solutions. From simple website solutions to complex intranet solutions, or e-commerce solutions, Kaizen Edge has a network of consultants that provide web development and custom web programming solutions. We have expertise from multiple industries that can help you define, design, and develop how your applications can be securely and safely accessed over the web (whether it’s through a secure environment, cloud-based solution or a hybrid).
    • We have access to a number of professionals that are experts in developing mobile apps across all platforms. Our approach to mobile application development uses the same rigorous attention to detail and focus on utility and value that we have for all of our development services. We define your requirements using our trusted methodology and partner with technology experts to create a mobile app that fits your needs. There is no one size fits all solution, so we ensure that the tools and apps that are built are unique to you and your industry.

Change Leadership. People Success. Deliver Peak Performance.

    • Kaizen Edge Solutions specializes in helping to get the best from people at every level when there is constant change in today's businesses. Whether there is a reorganization, merger or acquisition, new system design or implementation, you need an organization that has experience in delivering results that enables people to accept, adopt, drive and sustain the change to realize the benefits from effective processes and technology changes.
    • Kaizen Edge Solutions provides a variety of training courses and approaches to ensure your team members and organization achieve peak performance. We design, build and customize our approaches to your organization or team’s needs. We keep teams functioning at their peak performance. We offer training, consulting and facilitation solutions specializing in conflict management, diversity awareness and team building.