Information Technology Execution

Objective Analysis. Technology Architecture. Trusted Solution.

Technology has moved from simply being tools that organizations use to automate manual processes, to efficient solutions that drive overall business success. To be successful in a rapidly evolving environment, the technology architecture must be fully designed so that organizations can ensure that their technology solutions are scalable that can meet present and future customer and user demands.

The Kaizen Edge Solutions difference. Our consultants and network of consultants have senior leadership experience in directing and managing organizations on how to design, develop, build and manage simple to complex technology solutions. We can assist in designing and developing a new technology strategy or architecture, or redesigning or implementing an ERP solution, or design, architect, build, test, deploy and operate a web-enabled system.

Information Technology Execution, Deployment, Implementation

Information technology assessment. We can work with your senior leaders and subject matter experts to discover how technology can transform your business with a thorough assessment of your technology environment. Our proven approach assesses the technology that is used in your company by looking at key areas: this can include the amount of spend on technology, or identify which tools or systems are used in each department efficiently. We uncover if your company is really taking advantage of everything that your technology has to offer. We analyze your business and technology processes, architecture, data and systems infrastructure, and technology skill sets. We determine how that matches up against industry benchmark comparisons and identify areas for improvement. This provides your organization with a roadmap into the following activities:

  • Determine how and what technology can be used to increase your sales
  • How to best implement a solutions that will improve your marketing and sales process
  • Generate and support operations and boost productivity
  • Optimize your infrastructure

Information technology strategy and architecture. We provide strategies to manage and align your business, customer and IT strategies together. Chief information or technology officers are looking for every opportunity to create value for their business partners and customers. The challenge has always been to provide cost-efficient technology services, while integrating applications, systems, data and information technology to support growth. Kaizen Edge Solutions provides a unique approach and framework to:

  • Assess and define information services and IT strategies
  • Measure and maximize IT value
  • Implement a scalable architecture to reduce costs and increase performance
  • Discover potential mobile solutions
  • Identify possible outsourcing opportunities
  • Design infrastructure, telecommunications, network and application architecture

System selection support. Kaizen Edge Solutions has a proven approach and methodology to guide your organization to select the best business software solution. We have successfully helped small, medium and large Fortune 500 organizations to select the most effective content management systems, knowledge management, database management, management reporting, ERP, CRM or supply chain management systems. We use a proven selection methodology to help you minimize time, cost and risk on your business software selection project. We work with your business stakeholders to define, develop and document your business, functional, user and technical requirements, and then facilitate the RFP/RFI process, and decision making process in order for your organization to feel confident that the systems selected is ideal. Our system selection process is fully customizable based on an organization’s needs. We guide you through the various stages of the selection process to provide and assist you with:

  • Business, user, functional and technical requirements
  • Vendor assessment, criteria, evaluation and shortlist
  • Request for proposals (RFP) or request for information (RFI)
  • Vendor negotiation

System integration and implementation. We have experience delivering out of the box technology solutions to complex, customizable technology solutions that support the business strategy and objectives. Through our network of consultants, we provide advisory services to design, development and implementation and systems support for packaged, web designed or custom solutions. We deliver projects that can integrate with legacy systems and implement new product development.