Creative Design and Web Development

Innovative web designs. Scalable web development.

Kaizen Edge Solutions assists organizations build quality user experiences. Creating a first impression of your organization’s products and services is paramount into gaining competitive advantage and customer loyalty with your company. We help organizations reach the targeted goals with effective, efficient communication and user satisfaction.

We bring partners with over 20+ years of experience in information architecture, interaction design, visual design, and usability engineering to bring a customized approach that engages your customers, while meeting your strategic goals, objectives and targets.

Creative Design Web Development

Website Design. Brand Design. Kaizen Edge Solutions has a network of partners that specialize in innovative web designs and technologies. Through our partnership, we provide the best of all three worlds: bridging imagination from the creative world with real world business results, while providing effective discipline in the project management world. It’s difficult to know which agencies can fulfill the business strategies and goals that you’ve carefully crafted and articulated to senior management and your customers. We can help remove the guess work by tapping into our pool of consultants that provide a full suite of creative design services, including logos and branding, website design, programming and development.

We have access to a team of professionals that offer many services tailored to achieve your creative and marketing objectives, from simple ads to full website redesign and multimedia services. We work with you to generate eye-catching promotional designs and high level conceptual web site designs or re-design to fit your budget. We provide solutions to help you achieve your goals and to ensure your projects and brand succeed.

Web Development. We have deep expertise in design, developing web solutions. From simple website solutions to complex intranet solutions, or e-commerce solutions, Kaizen Edge has a network of consultants that provide web development and custom web programming solutions. We have expertise from multiple industries that can help you define, design, and develop how your applications can be securely and safely accessed over the web (whether it’s through a secure environment, cloud-based solution or a hybrid). Kaizen Edge Solutions provides organizations with the ability to create or enhance their online presence. We provide:

  • Versatile tools for web development
  • Expertise in implementing content management systems and applications to ensure that your content remains up to date
  • Web application development services in multiple programming languages
  • A project management framework that delivers web solutions on time, on budget with exception quality results

Mobile Solutions. We have access to a number of professionals that are experts in developing mobile apps across all platforms. Our approach to mobile application development uses the same rigorous attention to detail and focus on utility and value that we have for all of our development services. We define your requirements using our trusted methodology and partner with technology experts to create a mobile app that fits your needs. There is no one size fits all solution, so we ensure that the tools and apps that are built are unique to you and your industry. We have the experience, the methodologies, and the know-how to create effective apps. We bring the right technology vendor and solution to meet your business needs.